Spring Walk In The Park

Tonight, we revived another of our favorite traditions: evening walks in the park. Even though it’s been Spring for weeks now, the weather has been a weird back and forth of rain and cold, so we haven’t done much outdoors. It was a bit chilly tonight still, but nice enough to spend some time outdoors together.

Greenery in the park

We’ve missed our casual evening walks. They are a nice time for us to get a bit of exercise, get some fresh air, and talk about our days and upcoming events. Tonight, we chatted about our excitement for the vacation that we planned a few days ago. We also planned a bit for a party this weekend (look forward to that post in a few days), and talked about the bachelorette party that Amanda is throwing in a few weeks as part of her matron of honor duties. We also talked about how we really enjoyed seeing some green again. Winter was the last time we were here, so everything was still dull and gray. Spring has breathed life back into the park.

Two Canadian geese

Not only the plants have more life with the season change. The park was buzzing with activity. Lots of kids were out playing and practicing baseball in the various fields around the park. A few joggers and a few families were out on the walking trail. A couple of geese were also enjoying the park. The park has changed a good bit since we were there last. Another T-ball field is in the middle of construction. The old jungle gym equipment is torn out as they are working to replace it. All of the updates are causing a temporary mess, but the changed landscape actually made the walk more interesting, especially as we noticed some of the changes and pointed them out to each other. Now we’re even more excited for walks in the near future to see the progress of the updates.

Pokken Tournament

We’ve picked up a few new games since we posted last. Tonight, picking back up Video Game Thursday, we played Pokken Tournament. This game is half Pokemon, half Tekken and all awesome. It’s a fighting game where you get to battle as a Pokemon. Yes, it’s as fun as it sounds.

Pikachu Libre Battle

One of the best parts of this game is Pikachu Libre. It’s Mexican Wrestler Pikachu. It’s silly and absurd and just all-around fun. For our first battle, we both chose Pikachu Libre, because we had to. Spoilers: we are really bad at this game. Amanda, however, is way better at button mashing than me, so she won the first round.

Pikachu Libre

They have a selection of around 20 different Pokemon to choose from, so each round we bounced around and chose different contestants. We slowly got better, but it was always a bit of a learning curve to figure out the new move set of each of the new Pokemon. We probably should have stuck with one or two each. Each Pokemon also has a big power-up finishing move which works differently for each Pokemon. Pikachu Libre, our favorite finisher, sticks his opponent into a wrestling ring, climbs to the top rope, and does a lightning-powered flip onto the other player for massive damage. Have I mentioned how ridiculous and fun this game is?

Score of 5 to 5.

At the end of 10 rounds, we finished evenly matched. Overall, the game was really fun playing local multiplayer. The only complaint I have is that the second player doesn’t get an account for local battles, so it’s treated as a random guest battle. It’d be great to save stats over time, or even earn experience by battling against friends locally.

The game also contains a good single player mode that I played a bit when we first got the game. You choose a single Pokemon and battle with it in different classes of opponents to work your way up the ladders and make it to harder opponents, then harder categories. This brings in more of the Pokemon feel because as you battle, you gain experience to be able to customize the stats of your faithful companion. There is also an online mode that we didn’t try out from being really, really inexperienced.

We’ll definitely play more of this game, especially for more Pikachu Libre.

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Hello again

Rise and shine, campers! Wait, we’ve already done that. Hello again, daters and date-ettes. Amanda and I have been ridiculously busy and have fallen behind on our dating-post responsibilities. That ends today. We’ve caught back up with life and now that the weather is nice, we have a full schedule of amazing dates planned again. We’re bringing back the oldies-but-goodies of Monday Movie Madness, Tabletop Tuesday, and Video Game Thursday. In addition, there are a bunch of great movies coming out in the next couple months, so lots of midnight premiers. Our local drive-in is back in full swing. We are finally going to make it to see the symphony (spoilers: the music of Harry Potter). Plus, we have lots more on tap. Sorry about the delay, but we’re back! Expect the first post tomorrow.