Amiibo Festival

Tonight’s date is the next in our line-up of repeating dates: Video Game Thursday (clever name TBD). We got a Wii U on Black Friday along with a few games that we’ve been wanting to play more, so we decided on Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival to kick off video game night.

Both of us have played and enjoyed various Animal Crossing games in the past, so we decided to check out Amiibo Festival and it didn’t disappoint. The main part of the game is a virtual board game somewhat in the style of Mario Party (a future Video Game Thursday date), but without the frequent mini games. However, after you beat the board game for the first time, you unlock a mini-game area, which we will get to later.

Isabelle and KK Amiibos

Amanda played as Isabelle, the helpful town secretary/assistant, and I played as K.K. Slider, the traveling guitar player. The players take turns rolling a die to move around the board, collecting happy points and Bells. You roll the die by placing your Amiibo on the Wii U game pad, then pulling it back off. There are frequent special events based on the day of the week that change the board. On Sundays, Sow Joan comes to town (as she’s been doing for 60 years. What would Sunday be without ol’ Sow Joan?) to sell you turnips. Where you land on the board the rest of the week affects how much you are able to sell your turnips for. Some weeks the turnip market is up, some weeks it is down, and some weeks it fluctuates wildly. This adds a fun extra incentive to try to land on certain spaces. On the 11th and 22nd of each month is Double Dice Day, where you get to roll two dice instead of one to move around the board faster.

Amiibo Festival board

As you play the board game and various mini-games, you earn points toward tickets. The tickets unlock more mini-games and different placeable decorations for the main board game. We have played a few rounds of Amiibo Festival and unlocked all of the mini-games so we can play them whenever we like. Last time we played, we bought an outdoor theater with our tickets and placed it near the beach. Today, we landed on a space near it and got a fun random event based on the theater.

Amiibo Oudoor Theater

(Side note: you can see our new polar bear decoration in the curio above the TV. If you’ve been following along, you’ll remember that from our home decor date yesterday.)

The board game involves a lot of luck and some planning with various ways to manipulate how you move around the board. In the end, you want to have the most happy points, with your each 1000 of your final amount of Bells being converted to 1 happy point. Who said money doesn’t buy happiness?

Final Score, Amanda wins.

After a fun 31 turns, and some frustratingly bad luck on my part, Amanda won.

After the board game, we played a couple rounds of the mini-games. Balloon Drop is our favorite. You use the Amiibo cards to select different characters to drop over a set of balloons, trying to land them on a moving, tiered platform while popping as many balloons as possible on the way. The closer to the center of the platform you get, the higher your score multiplier. Each different character has a different way that they bounce through the balloons, so it requires some character strategy and a lot of good timing. After a few rounds of that (which we didn’t keep score during), we played Fruit Path, another mini-game we hadn’t played yet. You pick Amiibo characters to walk along a path and help you collect fruit while trying to avoid pitfalls. We didn’t quite understand how it worked the first couple rounds, so we kept falling in pitfalls and losing our fruit.

Overall, it was a great date night for hanging out on the couch together and enjoying some friendly competition.

What’s your favorite video game to play together? Let us know in the comments below. We’re also always taking suggestions for new games to play!

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