Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Video Game Thursday this week has us back on our Nintendo 3DS’s to play Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Amanda has been a fan of the series for a while and introduced me to it back on the Wii with Animal Crossing: City Folk. She got New Leaf first, then she got me playing it, so I got a copy as well. Tonight, we played co-op.

New Leaf with our 3DS
Also, check our sweet styluses. Amanda uses the Master Sword and I use a glowing green lightsaber.

Our 3DS’s have been neglected for a while. We’ve been busy dating (so you may have noticed), and haven’t had time to play, so our towns were full of weeds and debris that we spent some time cleaning up. We checked the shops, as we usually do, and found out that in Amanda’s town that she named Hyrule, they were paying extra for the perfect cherries that my town, Norrath, produces. We spent a good bit of time bouncing back and forth between towns shaking trees and gathering cherries. When it was all done, we made nearly 5 million Bells, the currency that Animal Crossing uses.

New Leaf Travel
Where do we submit our application for geekiest couple?

New Leaf Avatars

After we deposited our giant haul, we decided to run down to Tortimer’s Island to play some mini games together. We found some cool Hawaiian print “Aloha” clothes for sale on the island, so we ran enough of the mini games to get the shirt and the shorts. To get all of the points we needed, we played the Elite Fossil Hunter game a few times. It is the only time our dinosaur knowledge has ever really come in handy. We ran around the island digging up fossils to make displays in their museums, but we had to identify which kinds of dinosaurs they were from their skeletons. It was pretty challenging, enough that we lost one round of the four we played. We got enough points from the three rounds we did win to get these sweet new threads.

New Leaf Aloha clothes

We lost track of time while hanging out. About 3 AM, we looked up at a clock and realized how late we were up. I had been distracted by the game, but once I realized the time, I was exhausted. We did really enjoy staying up together and losing track of time, but tomorrow Adam had to go to work and was upset that past Adam didn’t go to sleep. Dating is a dangerous, dangerous game.

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