Bill Engvall

Before we had issues with buying tickets and then the weather not cooperating, Amanda bought tickets to a few events. We had sworn off buying any more since the weather had been so lousy every time we wanted to go do anything, but the last one we already picked out was a Bill Engvall comedy show. On Sunday, the forecast was calling for snow, but we were lucky and the weather stayed nice while we were traveling. On a related note, oh man, are we excited about Spring coming so we can go out and travel for date night more often.

Bill Engvall Tickets

The show was in Wheeling, WV at the Capitol Theatre. And of course, since we went anywhere, we had a minor parking fiasco. We thought there was a parking garage directly beside the theater, but when we pulled in to the small entrance, it turned out to be closed. We were kind of stuck trying to back out against traffic, but a nice stranger happened to be walking by and held traffic for a few seconds so we could get back out onto the road. Thank you, friend. We circled around and found a parking garage a couple blocks away. Not too bad.

We got inside and picked up our tickets from will call. After waiting in line for some popcorn, we sat down in our balcony seats, and waited for the show. The theater is old and gorgeous. Being up in the balcony gave us a marvelous view of the stage as well as the surrounding ornate decorations, which stretched from stage to ceiling. We didn’t have long to admire the scenery before the show started.

I’ve been a fan of Bill Engvall for a long time. His “Here’s Your Sign” routines, as well as his very down-to-earth style and family-oriented jokes, have given me many laughs over the years. I was really excited to finally get to see him live. His live show was even better than his recorded material because he was laughing a lot right along with us, which made the show even more personal. He talked about getting older (something we don’t relate to yet, but could still laugh along with), married life, family life, his time on Dancing With The Stars, and building his new house. He rounded off the show with a couple of new “Here’s Your Sign” stories, which were great audience pleasers. Our favorite bit was about how he and his wife started having date night again, but we might be a little biased on the subject. The show was hilarious throughout and we both had a fantastic time.

This was our also our first time ever using Groupon. We were nervous about getting random seats, but the price of $15 each was so great that we couldn’t pass it up. (That price wasn’t printed on the tickets, so it was not $0, like the image above shows.) Our seats ended up being the best in the section that we chose, so we’ve overcome our initial trepidations, and we’re looking forward to using future Groupons. We’ve been to a number of comedy shows, since going to the comedy club is a staple evening activity when we cruise, but this is our first one not at sea. Comedy clubs and shows make for excellent dates and we highly recommend them. Laughter isn’t just the best medicine, it is also a great way to build relationships and lasting memories together.

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