Do you want to build a snowman?

We’ve been huddled indoors for a couple days now, waiting out the weather. When we emerged from our mini-hibernation, Jonas had come and gone, but left two feet of snow in his wake. Our first priority was trying to unbury ourselves a bit from the snow, but immediately after we cleared our walkway, we saw just how deep the snow was and had to play in it. What’s the best way to deal with a huge pile of snow? Build a snowman.

Yardstick in snow

Building a snowman is way harder than I remember as a kid. We made three good snowballs for the cores of the three parts we needed, but after that, progress was slow. We tried rolling the balls around in the yard, but the snow was too powdery to stick to the snowball properly, so it just fell right back off. We ended up having to slowly pack tiny amounts at a time onto the cores to make them larger. Luckily, we had more than plenty of snow to work with. The powdery snow condensed so much as we packed it that we actually cleared off our whole front landing of snow to make the three balls. I had to go get a shovel full of snow to make the balls larger.

Unfortunately, because it took so long to pack the snow, we started to get cold before the snowman was as large as we wanted to make it. We settled on making it about half as big as we wanted. Amanda finished the bottom first, then gathered the other pieces we needed for a snowman. She ended up wading through the snow over to some bushes in front of our house to gather a couple twigs to use as arms and a couple rocks to use as eyes and buttons, then went inside to grab a baby carrot for the nose. I finished up the middle and top balls while she was gathering.

Adding the nose to the snowman

We stacked the snow balls from largest so smallest and started adding the rest of the pieces. This was also a lot harder than expected because we had packed the snowballs so hard that they were practically ice balls. We had trouble getting the nose in especially, so we ended up building a bit of a bridge under the carrot just to keep it in place. We did finally prevail, and have a nice new winter decoration for our house.

Finished snowman