How To Train Your Dragon 2: The Video Game

Video Game Thursday on a Friday? This week just got crazy. Our original plan was to go to the Valentine’s Dance tonight (after practicing our sweet, sweet dance moves). However, Winter had other plans. Is Winter over yet? Driving home from work, the roads were already slushy because we had just the right amount of sun today to slightly warm the pavement. After the first little bit of snow had turned to water, it kept falling and made the roads a mess. We didn’t feel the roads were safe as they were, let alone after a couple more hours of snowfall and dropping temperatures. So, instead of twirling on the dance floor, we twirled through the air on dragons in How To Train Your Dragon 2: The Video Game for Wii U.

The game has a giant open world to explore, with a bunch of mini games to play in different places. There are achievements for finding specific points on the map, for activating your dragon fire on certain points, and for collecting tokens across the map. The mini games are all about flying in interesting ways. One mini game had you flying through rings of fire across the map. One game had you collecting sheep to put back into pens. One was a target practice range where you had to hit the male viking cutouts but avoid the female viking cutouts.

The mini games were fun, but exploring the world was more fun. There are large areas of the islands that are really beautifully made. We both, almost at the same time and without telling each other, decided to climb up to the top of the tallest mountain. We got to the top and saw each other on the screen, then high-fived when we realized we had both come up with the idea at the same time.

Unfortunately, the controls were a little weird. Depending on the game, you had to angle the Wii controller either horizontal or vertical, and if you didn’t have it aligned just right, it made you crash. It was hard to get a handle on exactly how to fly the dragons, and the weird spins that resulted from frequently losing control made Amanda really motion sick, so we cut the date short. It was a lot of fun while it lasted, even though it wasn’t the spinning we had originally intended to do tonight.

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