Hyrule Warriors

Tonight’s Video Game Thursday was Hyrule Warriors. It began with a long series of unfortunate events and ended with awesome. So far, we’ve been pretty lucky with our dates. We’ve planned them loosely and everything has just worked out. However, tonight, we didn’t have a lot of time for our date, so when we put the game in, of course it had to download every update. All the updates. Approximately an hour later, we finally got into the game. What we didn’t know is that at the beginning of the game, there is an unskippable single-player intro mission. So, due to our limited time, for date night, I watched Amanda play the first mission.

Even just watching, this game is a lot of fun. The story starts in Hyrule Castle with Zelda wandering around commenting that they haven’t seen a true hero emerge in a while. Right about then, as she oversees the training yard and spots Link, a giant horde of monsters charges toward the castle. Because of course. Zelda should know better than to tempt fate by saying things like that. So, as Link, you have to wade out into this giant sea of monsters that are coming right for you and lay down the law. Monsters are attacking that keep? Nope, not any more. You’re Link. Now they have reinforcements over there? No problem. Meander over and be a giant boss.

Everyone around you is pretty much incompetent. While you’re clearing like half of the battle field, not even stopping to take names, everyone else is standing around looking dumb. No wonder Zelda was commenting about there not being any heroes. But that’s ok. You’re here now. The main characters walk around the battle field and tell you to do stuff, like “come clear this rock out of the way” or “Go defend that keep” or “We have to stop that monstrosity!” And of course, by “we”, they mean you. Chop, chop. Time’s a wasting.

There was a lot going on during the game play, so Amanda occasionally asked me to read some of the text on the bottom of the screen while she was knocking minions down. The graphics for the game are fantastic. The colors are as vibrant as a non-apocalyptic Zelda game should be. Amanda had a lot of fun being the hero and I had a lot of fun watching her. Even though we had a hassle getting it set up because of the time constraint, it turned out to be awesome and fun. There is a lot more to this game that we haven’t gotten to explore. Amanda got slightly addicted and ended up playing most of the night after I had to go to bed. We’ll be coming back to this game for an actual two-player experience soon.

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