Indoor Camping

A few years ago, while we were visiting Amanda’s family, we all went to the drive in to watch The Great Outdoors. As part of the festivities, a local car dealership sponsored a raffle for a tent, to go along with the theme of the movie. Everyone who came to the drive in that night got an entry, but as luck would have it, our ticket was called. We went up to claim our prize and the guy announcing the raffle asked where we were from. When we told him West Virginia, he was pretty sure we were pulling his leg, but Amanda’s dad, who helps run the drive in, vouched for us.

So, we won a two-person tent. It has been sitting in our basement collecting dust ever since. Every time Amanda walks by it, she reminds me that we need to go camping. We’ve tried to go a couple different times, but have had schedule conflicts each time. Tonight, we decided to make use of our tent and go camping, but since it is still really cold outside, we set it up in our basement. Indoor camping!

Setting up the tent was pretty easy, even being indoors. The main support poles were long, but we didn’t have a problem maneuvering them even with the ceiling. Being pretty small, it only took us about 20 minutes to get set up. The tent shell is one whole piece, sealed and reinforced at the bottom to prevent water getting in (not that it will indoors). To be more comfortable, we decided to put our queen size air mattress in the tent. We blew it up, then realized that because the tent is so small and the mattress is so large, it completely filled the tent. We barely had room to crawl in, but couldn’t sleep with half our bodies touching the top of the tent. I crawled back out of the tent and opened the air valve and Amanda rode the air mattress until it deflated. She wanted to go again as soon as it was done. Since that didn’t work out, we ran upstairs and grabbed a ton of blankets and comforters, then spread them on the floor of the tent.

Indoor Camping Air Mattress. Nope.
Nope. Nope. Nope-ity Nope.

We had two options for our camping excursion. First, we could trick out the tent with all of the technology we own. Put a TV in one corner, maybe bring the Wii U down, open the laptops, play on our phones, the whole nine yards. Light the tent up like a Christmas tree with glowing rectangles. The second option was completely unplugging from technology for the night. Since the TV was too heavy, we decided on unplugging.

We grabbed the lantern we got for power outages and set it on low to have some light, but turned off all of our other electronics. We were pretty comfortable, so we laid down and chatted for a while. We did a bit of time math (definitely not my strong suit) and realized that we have passed 50 dates. We spent some time talking about all of our favorites so far. That led to us talking about different random memories and telling stories, which led to talking about future plans, and eventually, we drifted off to sleep.

Camping Lantern

Spoilers: we were still lying on concrete. I woke up sometime in the middle of the night, sore from being on the hard ground with very little padding under me. I tried to wake Amanda up , but she was really tired, so I gave up and wandered upstairs to bed. Luckily, I wasn’t too sore when I woke up, but Amanda didn’t fare as well. I would have tried harder to get her to come upstairs, but Tired Adam doesn’t think straight.

We’ve spent a lot of time dating so far this year, but this was definitely the longest and best conversation we’ve had since we started. The break from technology was exactly what we needed to relax and just be together.