Mario Kart 8

Our Video Game Thursday game du jour is Mario Kart 8. We really enjoy this game and have spent hours playing together, even though we got it completely by accident.

On Black Friday, we saw that Target had a Wii U bundle that included the console, Super Smash Brothers, and Splatoon. We didn’t have a Wii U, but had been wanting to play those games for a while. The two games being included with the system made the whole package enough of a bargain that we finally decided to get one. While looking around online, Amanda found that Target had a reservation system for certain items, including the bundle, during their Black Friday sale. To avoid some of the chaos of Black Friday, we ordered it online so we could just walk in and pick it up.

When Amanda went to the store to get it, the employees looked all over, but couldn’t find our Wii U. Eventually, they figured out that someone had accidentally put the units set aside from the reservations out in the store. Oops. To our good fortune, they did still have Wii U consoles, but they only came bundled with Mario Kart 8 instead of the other two games. The manager swapped out our preorder bundle for the Mario Kart 8 bundle and gave us a copy of Splatoon. We later bought Super Smash Brothers with a gift card given to Amanda for her trouble. Long story short, we ended up with a Wii U, both games we originally wanted, and Mario Kart 8 with both DLC packs as a bonus. Thanks, Target!

Mario Kart 8 loading screen

Since we’ve gotten it, we’ve unlocked all the characters. So for our date tonight, Amanda played Isabelle and the Villager from Animal Crossing and I played Link from Legend of Zelda. This game is great for multiplayer because it has a variety of game modes to play. We started with a 100 cc Grand Prix, a race between us and computer players to win four races. We each won a cup, and since Amanda won all four of the first cup’s races, we got a 3 star trophy.


After a few rounds of that, we raced just against each other in a VS race. You’re able to set the number of computers in this race mode, so we chose just us and smack talk was thrown down. Our cat, Gizmo, hung out with us while we raced.


Then we tried the Battle mode. Each player is given three balloons at the start. The goal is to pop your rival’s balloons within a certain time limit. Running off the course costs you balloons, as does getting hit by shells and other power ups. These mini-races devolved into laughing fits (as every great date night should) as we stated trying to track each other down across the course once we acquired the triple shell power up that we wanted, which resulted in so much more smack talk.

Mario Kart 8 is a great date night and offers so many choices for different ways to play. On another date night, we will have to try the team race mode, which we didn’t get to tonight.

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