Office Space

I had a long week at work, and while I didn’t get asked about my TPS reports or about my “case of the Mondays”, there was a lot going on, so it ate into our date time. A great remedy for the stress of a long week of office work is to realize that your office situation isn’t really that bad. So to cap off this week of dating, we watched Office Space.

Every once in a while, a movie comes along that epitomizes its subject. It nails every stereotype. It makes intelligent commentary. It simply does everything right. Office Space is that kind of movie. Peter gets promoted even though he does nothing and even admits it to the Bobs. Watching Milton try to protect his stapler, his precious, precious stapler, while getting shunted from bad cubicle to each worse cubicle is comedy gold. Seeing Tom, the guy with people skills who talks to the customers so the engineers don’t have to, have a giant meltdown is always fun. Watching Peter and Joanna both continually being told to do all sorts of random, ridiculous things because of absurd company policy just nails that stereotype.

Office Space came out in 1998, but it is surprising just how much of the commentary is still relevant even today. Everyone still hates printers. Morning commutes through traffic are still awful. And I think everyone has a desire somewhere deep inside (or maybe not so deep down) to take a power tool to their cubicle walls and give themselves a view.

So yeah, work is stressful sometimes, but at least we don’t work for Initech. If you haven’t seen Office Space, we would highly recommend it.

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