Powerball and Puzzle

We don’t gamble much, but today, we had a billion and a half reasons to. We bought a couple tickets and let the computer pick the five main numbers, but we picked the Powerball numbers.


The fun part of this date was imagining all the things we would do with the money. Here are our top 5:

1. Pay off all of our debts.
2. Pay off all the debts for family and friends.
3. Build our dream house in a dream location. That spawned an interesting conversation about house features and location features, which we intend to revisit for a future, longer date.
4. Buy new cars. I want a Tesla Model S and Amanda wants a Pontiac Sunfire.
5. Travel the world for a year. The house will take time to build anyway.


While we were waiting for the drawing and chatting about how we were going to spend our winnings when we definitely hit the jackpot, we finished the puzzle from last night.

As the numbers were called, we knew we didn’t win the jackpot, but we did get the Powerball correct. So in all, we came out $1 ahead, and I’ll forever claim that we won the Powerball.