Reading Date

One of our favorite activities is just hanging out together while reading. Recently, because we have spent so much time doing other dates, reading together has fallen by the wayside. Tonight, though, we wanted to catch up on some much needed quiet time and make some progress through our backlog.

Amanda has been following The Chronos Files series by Rysa Walker for a few years now. The latest in the series, Time’s Divide, has been on her Kindle since October waiting to be read. My list recently has been dominated by the catalogs of some of the great Sci-Fi authors, including Philip K. Dick, Isaac Asimov, and William Gibson. I’m still surprised that no one has revoked my geek card for not having read some of their classics by now. Tonight, I’m digging in to Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick.

A great thing about reading dates is that they can be as short or as long as you want. We had a couple of free hours before bed, so we filled that time with our reading date. Another great thing about reading dates is scented candles. Since reading dates are relaxing anyway, burning a nice scented candle can make it even more relaxing, especially before bed. Tonight, we lit I Need a Vacation, made by our friend Cathy at Bubble and Geek. We frequently spend time reading on cruises while enjoying the sun and fresh smells of the water, and this candle smells like the cruise we took on the Mediterranean Sea.

Reading together before bed is a great way to spend an evening, and as a bonus, it means the bed is already warm for when you’re ready to sleep on a cold night.

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