Recipe Science

Science! It’s what’s for dinner. Our date night tonight was some kitchen mad science. We have been really enjoying falafels for dinner lately, but we’ve used the same basic recipe every time we’ve made them. We wanted to try other flavor profiles to see if we like any of them better. In addition to our falafels, we have also been craving egg rolls, so to add to our crazy science experiment, we made multiple types of egg rolls.

If we’ve learned nothing else from watching an absurd amount of Food Network, the first step in any culinary challenge is always the mise en place, which is a French phrase meaning “putting in place.” Since we’re making a bunch of different stuff, but with similar ingredients, we can prepare most of the stuff ahead of time to make assembling and cooking the final product faster and easier. We used our Ninja food processor to finely chop all of the vegetables for the egg rolls. Most of the recipes we’ve seen call for julienned or sliced vegetables, but we really like the fine chop. It blends the filling together more evenly, and also makes it easier to actually roll up inside the wrap. We also used the Ninja to chop/blend the chick peas, tahini, and spices for the falafels. Amanda found the Ninja on sale on Black Friday and it has had a permanent place on our counter ever since between making smoothies, and more recently, falafels.

Mise en place for our falafels and egg rolls

We made two different flavor profiles for the falafels. The first was a lemon and garlic falafel inspired by a TaDah brand falafel wrap with that flavor profile that we found in a local grocery store. For the second profile, we mixed and matched some of our favorite spices, such as turmeric, garlic, and cumin, just to play with the proportions in the recipe. In the past, we’ve tried baking and frying falafels, but we’ve always flattened them into a patty instead of traditional spherical shape. Since we were already trying new things, we decided to attempt the round shape and fry them.

Falafels rolled into balls ready to be fried

For our egg rolls, we had a lot of the vegetables for base ingredients left over from other meals this week, so we made three different batches. The first was our normal recipe which consists of broccoli, carrots, garlic, and ginger. We normally really enjoy the way those come out, but we wanted to see if we could improve upon what our process. The second batch, we used a Green Giant broccoli slaw mix containing broccoli, red cabbage, and carrots, then added a couple sections of mandarin orange, and a healthy dose of ginger. For the last batch, we did turmeric and tofu cubes.

Egg roll ingredients prepped and ready

We figured that we could fine tune the individual recipes once we tasted everything and chose a flavor direction that we wanted to go, so we didn’t write down the exact recipes we used. Once we settle in, we’ll make sure to share our finalized recipes. Our original plan was to split one of everything we made at the end, but we were tasting little bits along the way and were full. However, it will be nice to have some food already prepped in our freezer this week to make more time for date night.

Fully cooked egg rolls, tofu, and falafels
Recipe science achieved!

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