Roller Derby

While looking around for things to do this last weekend, Amanda found that there was a roller derby match nearby. Neither of us had seen roller derby before, so of course we both said “Date night!” The match we went to was the Morgantown Roller Vixens vs. the Ohio Valley Roller Girls at a roller rink near us.

Since the date was a kinda last minute idea, we didn’t look up the rules of the sport, so when we went, we had no idea how a roller derby was played. As luck would have it, we ran into a friend of mine from high school whose wife, another friend of mine from high school, happens to be on the Roller Vixens team, so he described the action for us as it was happening.

The game is played in two 30 minute halves with a 15 minute half time break. Each team has 5 players on the rink at a time, 1 jammer and 4 blockers. The jammer scores one point for each person on the other team she skates past. The blockers try to prevent the other team’s jammer from getting past. The game is played in short bouts called jams.

It is a really cool sport with super interesting players, all of whom had pseudonymous personalities, with names like Abby Castabby, Madea K Jefa, Bohemian Blasphemy, and Rita Repulsa (which is my personal favorite for the Power Rangers reference). They all skated out onto the rink to personality intros read by an announcer, which got the crowd pumped up.

Since my friend was on the Roller Vixens, we were cheering for them. Unfortunately, they had a pretty rough game and lost. It was still a great time, especially getting to see old friends.

Being at the roller derby got us excited for going skating ourselves. We’ve talked about skating before, and have also chatted about the derby a bit with friends who are also now excited for skating. I expect us to be hitting the rink as a big group date pretty soon.

Morgantown Roller Vixens
Roller Derby on Wikipedia. This does a much better job of explaining the sport than I can.