Tabletop Tuesday this week has us playing Sequence. We’ve had the game for a while and have played many times with friends and family, including the most hilariously long losing streak Amanda and I have ever been on. We were playing teams once with Amanda and I on one team, Amanda’s college roommate and her fiance on another team, and Amanda’s college roommate’s parents on the third team. We lost three or four games in a row before anyone noticed, then lost a couple more after that. It was getting late into the night, so everyone else felt bad for us losing so much and they let us super cheat. Somehow, we still lost. The whole night got funnier and funnier as our losing streak dragged on, especially when we lost while cheating. Good times.

Starting Sequence

Sequence is part card game and part board game. It is a cross between Poker, Bingo, and Connect 4. We quickly reread the directions, since it had been a while since we haven’t played since Amanda’s family came down last summer. It was very easy to pick back up. You play with a large deck of mostly standard playing cards, with multiple copies of each card To start, you draw an amount of cards depending on how many people are playing. Since it was just us, we each started with 7 cards. The board is a large grid of spaces marked with the different playing cards. The object of the game is to play cards to cover 5 spaces on the board in a row. There are two spaces for each card on the board, so it involves some strategy. Because there were two of us, we had to make two sequences to win. Each turn, you play a card, place the marker, then draw a card.

With three easy steps, you’d think it’d be easy to remember, but last night, we had a really hard time remembering to draw a card. By the middle of the game, we both were down to 4 or 5 cards in our hands, so we just drew back up to 7. (Amanda’s note: Which is why he won. Because he drew the cards I needed. Obviously. Also, spoilers.) The game took about 25 minutes, but through a couple really lucky draws toward the end, I managed to complete two sequences within a couple turns and won.

Finished Sequence board

Sequence is great for two players or two to three teams of two players each. It’s a really versatile game because of all of the different players it can accommodate. We definitely recommend adding it to your library for your next tabletop date night.

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