Sideling Hill

Some days, it seems like date night might be hard to fit into a schedule. Today, we had to drive over five hundred miles to get home from visiting friends and family over the holidays. The scenery in early January isn’t anything special and with the warm weather we’ve had recently, there wasn’t even snow to make up for the lack of greenery. Outside the car was really dull, but inside, we were talking about our recent visit and listening to music as the miles passed by.

Despite the trip, date night must prevail! For our date today, we scheduled a detour to a place that we have passed by dozens of times without visiting: Sideling Hill. There is a giant man-made cut through the mountain to allow Interstate 68 to pass through. The rock strata are clearly visible and tower over both sides of the interstate.

Sideling Hill

We arrived at the location right before the sun set, luckily. Because it was so cold, there was ice formed on the rocks that glistened in the near-sunset. The view was gorgeous and we lingered to scan the horizon.

View of the horizon from Sideling Hill

Another view of the horizon from Sideling Hill

As we climbed the seventy or so stairs, we were able to see our breath because of the height and cold. At the top of the area open to the public, we were able to use a view finder for a quarter to see some of the details in the landscape. There was also an interesting sign at the top about the ice formations on the rocks, which is caused by the layers of sandstone.

Sign at the top of the area open to the public

It was a quick and convenient date, a beautiful view, and we finally visited the location that we had pointed out for years.

Have you visited any cool attractions on a road trip recently? Let us know in the comments.

Sideling Hill history on Wikipedia

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