Sin City Double Feature

Tonight’s Monday Movie Madness is our first Double Feature: Sin City and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. I saw Sin City nearly a decade ago when it came out, but Amanda hadn’t seen it yet. I’ve been excited for the sequel since it was announced, but it took so long to come out, that I missed it being released. Amanda had never seen either movie, so we decided to make a long night of it.

Sin City is stunning visual piece. It’s mostly in black and white except for a few colors as accents. It is an extremely violent movie, but incredibly interesting to watch. It tells the stories of multiple characters whose paths intersect across fictional Basin City, riddled with crime and corruption, all of which is controlled by the Roark family. The setting is dark and gritty and the effects call back to its graphic novel roots. The cast is star studded, featuring Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba, Elijah Wood, Michael Clarke Duncan, Rosario Dawson, Brittany Murphy, Powers Boothe, and even Nick Offerman, plus so many more.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is meant as a prequel/sequel/timeiswibblywobbly movie to the original. Parts of it take place before the story in Sin City, parts take place after, and parts take place, well, I don’t actually know when. There are parts that happen in what should be after the first movie, but don’t make sense given what happens in the first movie to some of the characters. I gave up trying to figure out the time line and just enjoyed the story. Visually, it was a worthy successor to Sin City. A large part of the original cast was back, with additions of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Christopher Meloni, and with Dennis Haysbert stepping in for Michael Clarke Duncan. There were also guest appearances by Christopher Lloyd and Lady Gaga.

Both of these movies were fun to watch. There was action, drama, love, loss, and of course, a dame. That world is not a place I’d like to live, but it makes a fantastic setting for these movies. Definitely watch them if you get a chance.

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