Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl. The Big Game. One of our yearly traditions is having a few friends over for the Super Bowl.

Well, really, it’s a party that happens to be at the same time as the Super Bowl. And we occasionally look up at the TV, but mostly during the commercials. Like us, most of our friends don’t really care about football. The Super Bowl is usually the only football game most of us watch every year, unless we happen to lose the remote and one comes on. I don’t want to admit how often that happens. Usually, we end up playing a party game around the table, pausing to watch the commercials.

So, with little football love, why do we have a Super Bowl party? This directly relates to the advice we give to all newly-wed couple: If you want to do a yearly event, stake out your claim on a holiday early. We were late to the game, so the only thing left was The Big Game. Memorial Day and Fourth of July? Family picnics. Halloween? We’re usually invited to 3 different parties. “Surely,” you say, “you must be free for New Years!” Alas, we are not. And don’t call me Shirley. But I digress.

I love making party food and every year we’ve tried to do something different. A couple of our previous party food centerpieces have been a big nacho bar with 10 different salsas, a baked potato bar with all of the fixings, and one year, I made hamburger sliders from scratch, including the sesame seed buns. We always make some dips and appetizers to go along with the rest. Another hallmark of our party is that we always end up with way too much food because I’m horrible at estimating how much people are going to eat. Guess it’s a good thing I’m a computer guy and not a caterer.

This year, in an attempt to get a better handle on party planning, we didn’t do a big center piece dish, but instead did a few smaller, more interesting dishes. Our group has a couple vegetarians (including Amanda), so we always try to have some good vegetarian options, but this year, we tried to do about half of the dishes vegetarian. Our overall menu for this year:

hot wings for the meat eaters
falafels for the vegetarians

Vegetable tray with veggie dip
Pigs in a Chipotle Blanket

Dips, served with Tostito’s Scoops, pretzels and pita chips:
Buffalo Chicken Dip (probably my favorite party snack and a yearly staple)
Butternut Squash Parsley Dip
Avocado Basil Dip

We’ve joked around for years about making a cookbook called “Meets Meat” out of all of the crazy dishes we make that are half vegetarian and half meatatarian to satisfy both of our palates. We’ll definitely include a few of these recipes.

This year, we actually didn’t make it to playing our party game, which was going to be One Night Ultimate Werewolf. We were all fascinated by the low scoring game, and trolling our one friend who actually does like football (Sorry, Brian). The commercials this year were pretty good to boot and the half time show wasn’t bad either. A great time was had by all, which makes this a very successful party.