Super Smash Bros.

Tonight, we found out how truly terrible we are at Super Smash Bros. We loaded up the game on our Wii U and started playing. We’ve played all of the other games in the series, all the way back to the original for N64. For those, we weren’t very good either, but man we are awful without playing in so long.

Super Smash Bros. is the latest installment of a popular Nintendo series of fighting games that was first released in 1999. You and your date choose a character from many Nintendo franchises (this version has 58 playable characters) and you can customize your battleground, time limit, and additional rules of the game, such as items and AI difficulty.

For our first few games, we selected a character that we enjoyed from the previous versions and then chose a random location to fight. That didn’t go so well. Most of the points we got was from the other person falling off the moving platforms while trying to attack. A lot. Have I mentioned how bad we are at this?

After that, we decided to play a few Pokemon-themed rounds, where we played as different Pokemon on the Pokemon stage. And no Pokemon battle is complete without turning on only Pokeballs items and setting them to high frequency. With those, at least we were doing damage to each other with the Pokemon from the items.

Did I mention we are really bad? We need so much practice. It’s a great date because there are so many characters and so many stages and so many different game modes and so many items. No two rounds are ever the same and the rounds are very fast paced, so you’re always engaged. Super Smash Bros. is one of my all-time favorite games, so we’ll definitely get better as we spend more time playing.

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