Swing Dancing Lesson

Besides dancing in the kitchen while cooking, we have only danced together twice: once at our wedding and once in Cozumel after a few Margaritas. At friends’ weddings, we usually don’t dance and other than weddings, occasions rarely arise for us to don our dancing shoes.

Having date night every night for us means trying new things. One of the dates that we have planned for this weekend is going to a Valentine’s Day dance. Also, Amanda’s best friend is getting married soon. (Hi Katie.)
We’re eventually going to have to dance in public, but with our lack of skills, we figured that starting at home would probably be best to learn the basics.

There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube about how to dance in just about every style imaginable, and after browsing for a bit, we found one that would teach us how to swing dance, claiming that it would teach us the basics in less than 30 minutes. It didn’t require any background knowledge, which suited our experience level perfectly.

After clearing some space in our living room, we were ready to go. We started with some simple steps. After we got a decent rhythm, we moved on to combinations and turns. In between learning moves, we’d pause the video, play some Glenn Miller Orchestra (Hi Lori.), and practice the moves. Amanda’s favorite move was the “Dishrag Out,” a twirling transition from a different twirl back to a bridge step. My favorite was the windmill turn, which has both people spinning together. Both look really impressive.

It took longer than 30 minutes, but we learned a lot. We had fun, even though a lot of feet were stepped on. We’re not sure if our dancing in public will be coordinated, but at least our kitchen dancing will improve.