Symphony At Home

Today’s date was supposed to be The Pokemon Symphony performed by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. This was actually the very first date we had planned for our year long adventure a couple months ago. Jonas, however, had other plans. As much as we enjoyed the snow for building a snowman yesterday, today it meant that we couldn’t make the drive to Pittsburgh. Luckily, we were able to exchange our tickets for a gift card for a future performance, so we’ll try this date again later. However, that left us without a date for today. We were really looking forward to a symphony, so we decided to do a Symphony At Home.

We decided to listen to the Lord of the Rings Symphony because it was available on Amazon Prime Music. This turned out to be a really fun date. Howard Shore does amazing work. We were able to chat quietly while enjoying the music, reminiscing about our favorite parts of the movie, right from the comfort of our own couch. It wasn’t quite the same as actually going to the symphony, but it was a decent experience nonetheless. We were able to pause and go get drinks in the middle without interrupting anyone or missing anything. And the best part? Gizmo got to enjoy the symphony with us. It put him to sleep almost immediately though.

Gizmo enjoying the symphony with us

We’ve joked for years about recreating experiences we enjoy, but at home. Cruising? Cruise at home! Concerts? Concert at home! Spa? Spa at home! Those are all future dates we have planned, by the way, so stay tuned for those. This was our first experiment in actually creating one of these, and we were happy with it overall. It was a pleasant couple of hours of relaxing while we enjoyed the music. The only downside is that in choosing The Lord of the Rings Symphony, it made us really want to go back and watch Lord of the Rings again, and ain’t nobody got time for that (at least until we decide to marathon it some weekend).

Buy The Lord of the Rings Symphony on Amazon. It is also available to stream for free if you have Amazon Prime Music.