Triumphant Return of Puzzle Mania

Our poor, poor puzzle addiction. This whole time that we’ve been too busy to post, we’ve also been too busy to finish puzzles. My friends, the drought is officially over. We started Thomas Kinkade’s Lady and the Tramp puzzle… Hold on. I actually have to go look at that post to find the date… Wow, all the way back at the beginning of February. It has been sitting on our puzzle board (a repurposed shelf that we didn’t use from a prefab cabinet) since then, just mocking us. Tonight, we finally conquered it.

Similarly to last time, we pulled up a high-res image of the finished work on our TV, but this time we focused in to a small section at a time to find the pieces missing from that area. That helped for a little while since we hadn’t placed a few pieces in color transition areas and they were really stumping us. Finally, we got down to the last few (30 or so) pieces and separated them into shapes to start trying to match a few holes we had across the board. We were convinced for a while that we were missing a bunch of pieces because the ones we had weren’t fitting. We even (unfairly) blamed the cat for walking off with a few pieces (though he never did admit it), but by some miracle, even after all this time of the puzzle sitting out, every single piece was there and the puzzle came together at last. It always feels good to complete a puzzle, but this time especially since it has been so long since we started.

Completed Lady and the Tramp puzzle

Our next puzzle is on loan to us from our friends. They either like us or hate us, but we can’t tell which. The Doctor Who fans among us will probably remember the Vincent Van Gogh episode, and the follow-up painting of the TARDIS exploding as part of the Season 5 finale. They loaned us a puzzle of that painting. It’s going to take us a whole weekend (or maybe longer) to put that together. It’s nothing but white, black, dark blue, orange, and yellow. Puzzle Mania marches on…

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