World Travel Planning

Since the snow is falling tonight and we are stuck indoors, we are dreaming of being somewhere warmer. We have talked for a long time about making a list of all the places we want to travel, and tonight seems like a great night to sit down and pick places we’d love to see.

We love to travel. Every year for our anniversary, we take a cruise, usually to new locations. This past summer we took our first flight together to Barcelona for a cruise. Slowly, but surely, we’re making our way around the globe, but there are so many places throughout the world that neither of us have seen. Usually the way that we book our vacations is by looking at a few cruises and picking the one with the most places we haven’t been. With a list of places that we’d like to go, we can choose our trips easier and see even more new places.

We started by looking back at where we’ve been and wrote down all of those locations, which was a lot of fun because it let us reminisce about our previous travels. Once we had that list made, we started writing down new places that we want to visit. We made a giant spreadsheet of interesting things we’ve heard of, then looked around the internet to find places we hadn’t heard of. There are a lot of lists of interesting places to visit all over the world and we added nearly all of those suggestions to our list, which is now huge and unruly. We are going to need another whole date night to just sort it and prioritize it. Once we’ve cleaned up our list, we’ll share it so you can get ideas of places you’d like to see.

This date was a great way to spend an evening stuck indoors. It might have only been in pictures, but we got to spend our evening globe hopping and getting excited for years of travel to come.