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Map Wall Art

We’ve decided that we should do at least one home improvement project each month. Last month we painted stars for our curio. This month we decided to transform a giant 28″ x 20″ world map poster into something that would take up less space on our walls.

Map Wall Art materials

For this project, we only needed scissors, a pen, packing tape, two wooden wall hangings, and our oversize map poster.

Amanda found the wall hangings on clearance at Hobby Lobby for under $2 each. Originally, they said “Boom Baby” over stylized watercolor fireworks, but that doesn’t match any part of our decor. She bought them with the intent to cover them with something else that would match because they are incredibly solid for as cheap as they are. We’ve been trying to think of a good motif to transform them into for a while, and finally looked at that map poster that was taking up way too much of our wall. We love maps as decor, as I mentioned for our Legend of Zelda Puzzle, but this particular map is bright silver and clashes with all of the decor around it. We agreed that it would look better as the covering for those wall hangings.

Since the wall hangings are much smaller than the map, we had to trim down what we wanted to show. We decided on North America and Europe, since the space we had for the wall art would let us position them roughly where they would be on a globe. We cut the map half way down the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, each took a side to start folding around the wall hangings. This was fairly straightforward for the first two opposite sides, but since we didn’t trim down the map to the exact size of the wall hangings initially, we had to do some creative folding to get the other two sides to fold over. We trimmed off the excess parts of the map poster, leaving just enough to fold around to the back of the wall hanging. We pulled each side taut and used packing tape to hold it in place. We took our finished products and hung them in our bedroom where we already have a black and gray motif, so the silver won’t clash.

Finished map wall art

Gizmo wanted to help us hang them. He’s a good helper.

Gizmo helping to model our new wall art

While we were working, we talked about all the places we still want to travel. All of these dates centered around travel have really not helped our case of wanderlust. For now, we will just have to settle for looking at our new map wall art.

Home Decor 101

Tonight’s date was a long-overdue crafting project. We have curios in two corners of our living room that are decorated with simple, white geometric figures. We have a number of other decorations in the living room, so we wanted a more muted theme for the curios. The curio we will be updating tonight sits behind our TV, so we don’t want the decorations to draw focus from it, but rather, they should be pleasant in the periphery.

Curio before a ofdding new decorations

Amanda bought a couple star ornaments before Christmas that we’ve been meaning to paint white and hang in the cabinets to complement the other stars that are already part of the decor. She also found a geometric polar bear that we will be adding to the curio, but it is already white so it doesn’t need painted.

Christmas ornament stars before painting

We poured some white acrylic paint on a disposable paint palette, which is a piece of paper with a glossy finish to prevent paint from soaking through the page. We painted them in a few layers to ensure that none of the original brown color showed through. In between brush strokes and while each layer dried, we chatted about our day.

Christmas ornament stars after painting

Once they were dry, we hung the stars from the top of the curio and placed the polar bear in its new home on the middle shelf. It was a simple crafting evening, the first of many date night crafting projects, and accomplished a task we had been meaning to do for a while. Date night can be fun and practical!

Curio with new decorations

Do you have any crafting projects that you’ve been meaning to get to? Tell us about it in the comments.