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Aerial Adventure Park

This year, we want to get outside our comfort zone. That’s a major driving force for us embarking on this year-of-dating adventure. Normally, you’d expect a bit of a gradual build up to more exotic and extreme dates, but not us. For our second date, we went to an aerial adventure park. We spent the night doing an obstacle course suspended 15 to 20 feet off the ground in between trees. This was also our first double date. Amanda’s brother and his girlfriend came along with us.

Fields of Fire is located in Mystic, CT right off the highway. As we drove near it, we could see the whole place lit up and oh man, did it look cool. They had long strands of lights strung through the different courses for their Friday Night Lights event. The car was buzzing with excitement as we drove by.

Fields of Fire course

The atmosphere of the event was full of chatter and laughter. We signed in when we arrived and soon we were getting harnessed in to do the tutorial. We went over some safety tips and went through a mini course a few feet off the ground. After that, we were ready to take on a course.

There were different levels of difficulty depending on your skill level, yellow being easiest, then green, blue, and finally black as the hardest, each culminating in a zip line finish. We started off on one of the yellow (easiest) courses. It was so cool doing each element (an individual part of the course) while suspended above the ground. We went through about a dozen elements all lit by the lights.

Amanda on an element

Adam on an element

There was a fire pit set up for s’mores and we got some hot chocolate to warm up with. It was coooold out that night. We hardly noticed while doing the course, but once we were finished, the cold got to us. We watched the other couple we were with complete another course while attempting to stay warm. We also got to see some people completing the harder courses, which looked super intense. We also saw a couple people fall on the harder elements, which prompted the staff to go out on the course and rescue them, which was also really interesting. They were hanging from the guide wire that the harness was attached to.


The whole night was so much fun. We’d love to go back. As we returned our harnesses, they told us they would be doing more night climbs in the future, and in different seasons as well. We’ll definitely go again once the weather gets warmer.


A big thanks to Eric for being our photographer for the evening.

Fields of Fire Aerial Adventure Park